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  1. Club Sol members can win their share of $500,000 in the Capture the Gold promotion beginning July 9th – August 29th entry tickets can be earned, with the first drawing scheduled to take place on Wednesday, July 11th.
    Club members can swipe their card daily to win daily prizes or entries into the weekly Wednesday free play drawings. The promotion will culminate with 3 finalists vying for the $10,000 Grand Prize!
  2. Club Sol members are eligible to swipe their Club Sol cards daily at the promotional kiosks. Club Sol members can swipe only once per day.
  3. New Club Sol members will receive one entry ticket into the promotion.
  4. Club Sol members are eligible to receive one additional entry ticket for every 50 points earned. There is no limit on the number of additional entries that can be earned.
  5. Club Sol members will have a chance to win $250,000 in the Capture the Gold promotion just by swiping their card.
  6. The $250,000 is an insured prize provided by SCA Promotions, Inc.
  7. Please see attachment A for SCA terms and conditions for the swipe to win insured prize.
  8. The promotion goal is to Increase the coin-in over the life of the promotion, Drive incremental play from existing players, convert unknown players to known players, and drive play on slower days of the week.


  1. Club Sol members can swipe once per day at the kiosks for a chance to win the outlined prizes as well as the $250,000 insured prize.
  2. Club Sol members will take any prize slips other than an entry into the weekly drawing to any Club Sol location for prize redemption.
  3. Weekly Wednesday drawings will take place through the virtual kiosk system and will be announced at both properties.
  4. The drawing will be held at 7pm. 3 names will be chosen through the virtual kiosk system.
  5. Winners have five minutes to claim their $500 free play prize and spot in the finale at any Club Sol location at either property.
  6. Winner(s) may claim prize at either casino.
  7. If a winner is not present we will attempt to pull another name through the kiosk virtual drawing system. We will use the virtual drawing system up to 3 times to find a winner for each prize. Each player has 5 minutes to claim their prize. If after three attempts a winner is not identified through the virtual drawing, we will then run a random bank scan to find a winner with their Club Sol card in a machine.
  8. The automated kiosk system will prevent any additional entries from being submitted five minutes before each drawing.
  9. Customers can win more than once during the course of the promotion.
  10. All Free play prizes will be issued in restrictive credits that will expire after 30 days from issuance.
  11. Club Sol personnel will be responsible for conducting the weekly drawings and distributing prizes to winners in accordance with these procedures and rules.
  12. Club Sol administrative assistant is responsible for turning in completed prize logs to Revenue Audit.

Promotion Finale

  1. August 29th at 8pm at Casino Del Sol.
  2. Finalists will be those winners that won “medals” on the previous Wednesday drawings. All 24 winners will be invited back to vie for their share of the $25,000 Grand Prize.
  3. The last 18 finalists will be drawn from the virtual entries collected on Thursday August 29th, starting at 7:30pm.
  4. In the event that not all of the original 24 winners (from previous drawing dates) show for the Grand Prize event, the difference will be drawn via random bank scan to make up the 42 total finalists.
  5. Each finalist will be given an envelope with a pre-printed word on the inside Рqualify or didn’t qualify.
  6. Finalists will then open their envelopes to see if they made it to the next round. 21 envelopes will contain the word qualify and 21 will contain didn’t qualify.
  7. Non-winners will receive $50 free play for participating.
  8. The remaining 21 finalists will then be randomly given another sealed envelope.
  9. Inside the envelope will be one of 7 events. (I. e. track and field, gymnastics, basketball, etc. )
  10. The 21 finalists will be split into 7 teams by the event designated in their randomly accepted envelope.
  11. Each finalist will then come up one by one and spin the prize wheel numbered 1 – 12. Their score will then be tallied on a board underneath their respective event.
  12. The team of 3 with the highest combined score will continue to the medal round.
  13. The team with the second highest score will each receive $1000 in free play and will be asked to participate as judges in the medal round.
  14. The team with the third highest score will each receive $500 in free play and will also be asked to participate as judges in the medal round. While designated as judges their scoring is completely random.
  15. The team with the 4th highest score will receive $250 in free play and excused from the contest.
  16. The team with the 5th highest score will receive $200 in free play and excused from the contest.
  17. The team with the 6th highest score will receive $150 in free play and excused from the contest.
  18. The team with the 7th highest score will receive $100 in free play and excused from the contest.
  19. In the event of any ties between teams there will be an additional round of prize wheel scoring to determine the winning team.
  20. The six judges (as determined from the previous round) will all randomly receive 10 sealed envelopes. Each judge will act as a faux Olympic representative of a different country.
  21. If losing players decline to be judges for the final round we will ask for volunteers from the spectators.
  22. The 3 finalists will appear on stage individually.
  23. When the first finalist has his or her name announced each of the seated judges will select one of their 10 envelopes.
  24. Each envelope will contain a number between 1 through 10.
  25. The judges will then have randomly determined each of the three finalists’ scores.
  26. The finalist with the highest score will receive the Gold top prize of $10,000 in free play, the 2nd highest total will receive the Silver prize of $5,000 in free play, and the 3rd highest total will receive the Bronze prize of $2500 in free play.
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