$15,000 Free Roll Poker Tournament

This event was held 06/29/2013.

Win one of 5 possible seats

No limit hold’em

  • Tuesday or Wednesday at 7pm, or Friday at 12pm.
  • Conclusion Saturday at 12pm.

$5,000 in chips. 20 minute rounds

Limited to the first 180 qualified and registered players. 20 Minute rounds with no re-buys and no add-on. Play 30 hours between May 5 and June 23 to qualify. Maximum starting chips $15,000.

Players are responsible for reserving their seat once they accumulate a minimum of 30 hours of Live Play. Seating limited to the first 180 players that qualify and register. Players starting chip stack will be determined based on hours played. Minimum starting chip stack $5,000. Maximum starting chip stack 15,000. See poker staff for complete details.