Bar J Wranglers

Conference Center
This event was held 04/12/2014.

Special performance at Casino Sel Sol Resort!

TICKETS available at the door:

  • General Admission: $15.00 each
  • Club Sol Members: Buy one $15.00 ticket & get one free with Club Sol Card

Kick up your heels with Casino Del Sol, Old Tucson’s Cowboy Music Festival and the Western Music Association for this exclusive performance by the Bar J Wranglers at Casino Del Sol Resort! From early in the 1800’s cowboys rode the western range. Around the campfire, the cowboys told tall tales and sang of life on the trail and the challenges, hardships and dangers encountered while pushing contrary critters endless miles along the legendary dusty trails. The glory days of the American cowboy have been relegated to a bygone era that ended over 100 years ago, yet the romantic legend of the cowboy lives on in song. The Bar J Wranglers harken audiences back to those days with songs, stories, comedy, yodeling, fiddling and more!

This quintessential western band is made of five fine musicians with a love of the old west and impressive music backgrounds:

Scott Humphrey, one of the truest tenor voices ever heard, has been in the group since 1986. Scott’s smooth voice and equally smooth rhythm guitar add a unique dimension to the group’s overall sound. He enjoys arranging the group’s music to create an authentic western sound. His sense of humor and ready smile encourage listeners to leave their worries behind and enjoy a wonderful evening of western music.

Bryan Humphrey, in the group since 1989, possesses a commanding lead voice that has been hailed as the best in the business by many, and his dynamic yodeling is unparalleled. Bryan also plays the “doghouse” bass and has proven himself a prolific western song composer. When not singing, Bryan’s antics keep the audience and his fellow musicians anticipating “what’s next!”

Tim Hodgson also joined the group in 1989. Tim plays the fiddle and joined the group with many impressive credentials including: 4-time Idaho State Champion Fiddler, 2-time U.S. Open Fiddler, and 2-time National Men’s Champion Fiddler. Tim rounds out the vocals singing tenor and high baritone. Before the evening is over, you can be sure Tim will have the audience boot-stomping and hand-clapping to his fiddling talents.

Donnie Cook joined the group in 1999. His mastery of the flat-top guitar, steel guitar, dobro, banjo and anything that has strings has added yet another layer to the Wranglers’ extensive musical repertoire. Don’t let Donnie’s somber demeanor fool you – he is a man of many talents!

Danny Rogers joined the Bar J Wranglers in 2007, moving to Jackson Hole from Chugwater, Wyoming. He brings a smooth bass voice to round out the vocal harmonies of the group.

Although retired, Babe Humphrey occasionally delights audiences with special appearances to join the group in song or perform his famous cowboy poetry. Trailboss of the Bar J Wranglers, Babe is a master of 4-part harmony exuding a rich baritone and bass voice, playing both lead and rhythm guitar. After over 50 years in the western music business with stints on the Grand Ol’ Opry, TNN and hundreds of live performances all over the world, Babe has turned the reins of his business over to his sons, Scott and Bryan.

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen and dance to this legendary band!

Visit the band’s website at barjchuckwagon.com