Kickoff Pickoff

Club Sol
This event was held 12/30/2012.

$1,000,000 Kickoff Pickoff is back!

Starting September 9, its Casino Del Sol’s $1,000,000 Kickoff Pickoff football contest. If you pick at least 204 of 238 total NFL® regular season games correctly, you’ll win your share of $1,000,000. You can also win your share of $2500 in Free Play every week just by picking the correct NFL® winners each week. There will be $6,000 in performance bonuses throughout the regular season and if you pick the most winning teams throughout the season you will win the grand prize of $5000 in free play. Entry is free for all Club Sol members.

Pick up your game card at any Club Sol booth or in the poker room and start making your picks on Monday, September 3 for the games held on September 9.


  • Game Cards are available at any Club Sol booth at both Casino of the Sun and Casino Del Sol or in the Poker Room at Casino Del Sol.
  • You must select one winner per game and make a selection for every game to avoid disqualification.
  • Game Cards must be turned in no later than 9:00am on Sundays or one hour prior to the start time of the first Sunday game (Arizona time).
  • Free Play Prizes will be awarded based on the overall record of wins and losses among all entrants selections in the NFL® games listed on the weekly promotion lineup sheets.
  • The winners will be posted on Wednesdays at 12pm noon at Club Sol and in the Poker Room at Casino Del Sol.
  • No results will be given out over the phone or via email.
  • In the event of a tie the “Tie Breaker Score” will decide the winner.
  • If the Tie Breaker Score is identical between participants, the prize will awarded to the person submitting their Game Card first (as recorded on the players receipt and in the promotion tracking computer system) will be declared the winner.

Prize Schedule

Weekly Winning Picks:

  • 1st place – $1,000 in free play
  • 2nd place – $500 in free play
  • 3rd place – $350 in free play
  • 4th place – $225 in free play
  • 5th place – $150 in free play
  • 6th place – $100 in free play
  • 7th place – $75 in free play
  • 8th place – $50 in free play
  • 9th place – $25 in free play
  • 10th place -$25 in free play

Season Grand Prizes:

  • 1st place – $5,000 in free play
  • 2nd place – $3,000 in free play
  • 3rd place – $1,000 in free play
  • 4th Place – $750 in free play
  • 5th place – $250 in free play

Performance Prize Winners throughout the Season:

  • Participation Leader from weeks 1-4 – $1,500infreeplay
  • Participation Leader from weeks 5-8 – $1,500infreeplay
  • Participation Leader from weeks 9-12 – $1,500infreeplay
  • Participation Leader from weeks 13-17 – $1,500infreeplay
Ties will result in equal distribution of Free Play. Example: 4 entrants tied after 4 weeks = $375 in free play per entrant.

Please visit Club Sol for a complete list of promotional rules and regulations.