Facebook Voting Guidelines

Contests ran on Facebook will adhere to the Facebook Promotions Guidelines. Contests that involve user voting will use the following criteria to decide whether or not a vote is valid. Votes will be investigated if at any point during the contest the Casino Del Sol and AVA Amphitheater Social Media Team is notified (via software) of any questionable votes, at which point the Casino Del Sol and AVA Amphitheater Social Media Team will run an audit of the entry and voting records the individual whose account is in question..

Votes will be audited in the following manner, in compliance with rules determined by Casino Del Sol and AVA Amphitheater as well as utilizing best practices outlined by Facebook Developers Groups and Megafoni, to judge whether or not the profiles are eligible to cast a vote in these contests.

  • Voting profiles must belong to personal pages.

  • Facebook’s Graph API will be used to check for Facebook account validation.

  • Profiles of the voters will be reviewed for privacy settings. No more than 60% of the votes should be from profiles that display only the minimum allowable amount of public information.

  • IP Addresses of the voter’s will be checked for repeating octets.

  • Profile pictures will be ran through a reverse image search to verify authenticity.

  • Megafoni algorithm will be used to analyze the above criteria to determine which votes are hereafter considered void.

Users who receive votes that are deemed as ineligible may have entries void and contestants may be disqualified from the contest. Contestants may be banned from participation in any other contests sponsored by Casino Del Sol and AVA Amphitheater. User may be permanently banned from participation on the Casino Del Sol, Paradiso Bar & Lounge and AVA Amphitheater Facebook pages. These users may also be reported to the Facebook Developers Group and a Facebook Promotions and Contest violation notification may be submitted.